Percocet Addiction Signs

Percocet Addiction Signs

Addiction to Percocet is a major challenge in the United States, since this drug is generally used outside its medical context. However, not every individual who uses Percocet will, eventually, become addicted. It all depends on one’s level of tolerance; but, extensive use may eventually result in physical reliance that can soon turn into an addition.

Percocet is a very common painkiller, which is generally used to relieve moderate to severe pain. The substance is usually available in chewable pills; however, some addicts can chew the substance or also crush it to make very fine powder that is responsible for giving instant euphoric sensations.

Percocet Addiction Signs

Common Percocet Addiction Symptoms

When used within the proper context, Percocet can be a very effective painkiller which isn’t addictive at all. However, if it’s abused then biological and psychological addiction or dependency may result. Some of the well-known symptoms of addiction include factors such as:

  1. High tolerance. This is a compulsion to take even more of the drug to acquire equally desirable effects as experienced initially.
  2. Dependence. A person experiences physical withdrawal in the event that even one dose has been missed.
  3. Mood and behavioral disparities. In this case, the addict becomes very hostile, agitated and quite volatile.
  4. Compulsive use. The individual develops an extremely strong craving for this drug and may do whatever it takes to get his/her hands onto it, which is usually done despite all the negative psychological, biological or social consequences that may come up.
  5. Financial troubles linked with getting even more pills to satisfy ones cravings.
  6. Clandestine or secretive behavior to have the drug. A person may have various prescriptions which can be given by several physicians or purchase the medication from street peddlers at cut rate prices.

Common Percocet Addiction Withdrawal Characteristics

As with any other abused substance, if the addict stops taking the drug cold the withdrawal symptoms could result in convulsions or seizures. The withdrawal symptoms are known to occur just within 6-8hrs after the final dosage is administered and it includes symptoms like anxiety, fever, sweating, insomnia, muscle pain and a runny nose.

Indicators of Percocet Abuse

  • Extreme sleepiness
  • Difficulty breathing
  • Sweating
  • Low blood pressure
  • Vomiting
  • Yellow eyes and skin
  • Coma
  • Weak pulse
  • Heart attack
  • Bluish fingernails

Percocet Detoxification Process

Physical addiction to Percocet is known to cause very severe withdrawal symptoms and this usually requires a gradual detoxification process from the substance in a bid to avert any forthcoming convulsions or seizures. Some physicians recommend one to take medications like Buprenorphine or Chlondine in a bid to alleviate all severe symptoms tied to withdrawal.

When the body has entirely been detoxified of all dangerous toxins, one can move to the second step which comprises therapy focused on psychological fine-tuning to counter the drug’s effect on the brain.